Unparalleled Sales, Networking, & Deal Making Opportunities

The Medical Tourism Association®, the Botswana Investment & Trade Centre and the Medical Tourism Botswana are collaborating to develop an event bringing the Sub-Saharan African region together for important topics affecting populations and medical tourism.

The conference will host a symposium, a VIP round table and networking. With the sole focus on connecting decision makers in global healthcare, open doors to new investment opportunities and expanding your network, this will be a fast paced event with key industry leaders from around the world.

Millions of patients travel around the world each year spending billions of dollars and engaging in medical tourism and global healthcare.

Patients are traveling for medical care, dental care and cosmetic surgery as well as executive health checkups. Governments, insurance companies and employers around the world are realizing the benefits of allowing patients access to travel for the healthcare of their choice.

The Africa Global Healthcare Investment Symposium will bring industry leaders from all over the globe to share their experiences and develop new partnerships and programs.
Hear case studies and best practices as our VIP Speakers discuss their long term strategy and learn from other regions about best practices and innovation in international health development and the development of healthcare cities. 

Conference Highlights


  •  Up to 150 attendees
  •  29 destinations
  •  24 Hosted Buyers
  •  Key industry players from Investors
  •  Governments and Healthcare Providers